LECTURES (On demand)
Thirty years from first aneurysms coiling. Memorabilia from 1990: from the beginning to nowadays J. Moret

New devices with reduced thrombogenicity. Reality and lab data. L. Valvassori

Fusiform and giant aneurysm: something new? N. Kocer

By pass and surgical treatment for fusiform and giant aneurysm. M. Lawton

Bifurcation aneurysm: EV treatment S. Mangiafico

Blister like aneurysm: EV acute treatment. I. Saatci

Should I treat small and medium URA? H. Riina

How I choose my stent for IC aneurysm M. Aggour

Novel Dual Antiplatelet Regimens in Acute Endovascular Interventions. I. Linfante

Stent and endosaccular device in acute aneurysm treatment. A. Biondi

When can we consider heal an aneurysm treated with coils, endovascular device and FD stent W. Brinjikii

Posterior circulation aneurysm: are they different? G. Lanzino

Vessel wall imaging: myth o reality? F. Causin

Embolization Protocols, Angio-Suite Setup, Post-Treatments & Follow-Up. E. Ciceri

World's First Robotic IC Aneurysm Embolization V. Pereira

Progress managing cerebral vasospasm. F. Turjman

Surface modification for flow diversion and the treatment of ruptured aneurysms A. Arthur

Current diagnostic approach and international guidelines for ischemic stroke. M. Castillo

To treat or not to treat: this is the problem. M. Goyal

Radial and atypical approach for stroke treatment. P. Jabbour

The impact of new devices on stroke treatment. M. Muto

Tandem lesions: best way to treat them. P. Machi

Paediatric haemorrhagic stroke treatment. G. Rodesh

Paediatric ischemic stroke treatment. P. Muthusami

Posterior circulation stroke treatment. H. Riina

AI in stroke treatment. V. Pereira

Stroke in the field – Idealized networks and triage. J. Hirsch

Oxygen Carriers and other Neuroprotective

Strategies in Acute Ischemic Stroke. I. Linfante

Can we By pass conventional imaging in angio suite? P. Jabbour
SESSION I October 30, 2020 8.00-10.00 p.m. CEST

Moderator A. Taylor

Case 1 H. Riina

Case 2 M. Muto

Case 3 A. Brook

Case 4 O. Mansour

SESSION II October 31, 2020 2.00-4.00 p.m. CEST

Moderator P. Vilela

Case 1 I. Linfante

Case 2 F. Causin

Case 3 S.K. Lee

Case 4 E. Ciceri

SESSION III October 31, 2020 8.00-10.00 p.m. CEST

Moderator N. Kocer

Case 1 A. Biondi

Case 2 M. Aggour

Case 3 G. Lanzino

Case 4 J.C. Gentric